My Prayer for the "Faithful"


Father God – I ask you today – to open the eyes and ears of our hearts. Open our understanding and give us your wisdom. Let all of our selfish wants and desires fall like chaff to the ground and blow away in the wind. Create in us a clean heart O’ Lord – renew our spirits – strengthen us for your plans and destinies. Lord if you would open our eyes – we would look - and then we would turn - and be changed into the people you desire us to be. Lord we want to see you – we long - in our hearts to know you deeper – more intimately. Lord we seek your face and no other do we seek. You are our Great God- Our deliverer – Our Savior – Our Friend.

Lord, lifter of our heads… Remember us… We are your bride. We will keep our lamps lit with the oil of your Holy Spirit. Fill us Lord – with so much of your Light and Love that the world only sees you - in us. We abide in you and you in us. Let your power and eternal flame consume us and refine us – into the spotless Bride of Christ… Amen

Pastor, Ben Andrews

Ben and Mary Andrews