Before there were Places and Planets

Before there were place and planets, while geography had yet to be invented, there was the Ongoing Expression of the Eternally Creating One. This Expression was always with the One-Who-Was-Speaking and It  was itself, the One-Who-Was-Speaking. He always had been both Being and Expressing, The One. In Him was aliveness, and that aliveness, opened the eyes of men and women and allowed them to see and think differently.  Though the illumination of that aliveness broke forth among those who could not see, and whose eyes and minds were darkened, none who were in that darkened state could really comprehend, much less fully see all that this illumination was.

One of these, who could not see, one of these who themselves came forth from the Eternally Creating One, was named John. God used a blinded one to try to help the other blinded ones come to recognize and understand the Illumination and Expression of The One. By this it was possible that other blinded ones might see more than they could see alone.

John was NOT the Illumination or the Expression, but the Eternally Creating One sent John that he might express in the language and style of the blinded ones Who and What was true about the Illumination.

There was One Absolute and Undiluted Light which entered into places and planets and brought to men’s and women’s minds a way to see and a way to think which would allow them to know Truth from outside themselves.

Even though He engaged with and within places and planets, and placed His feet on pathways and roadways, and even though places, planets and pathways were all made by His very Expression, somehow the blinded ones, we who live on planets and in places did not grasp that walking among us was the One-Who-Spoke-Us-Alive. The Expression and the Illumination came right to us, His very children, and His beloved ones, and we fought to not receive thoughts and understanding about The One, or The One Himself.

But Some Did.

To Those, He spoke within them the very expression of Himself that was alive from the beginning, to those He called them His Children. And because His Voice creates things, calling them His Sons and Daughters made it so.

These did not come into Aliveness because they had bones, and brains, and they did not come into aliveness because they descended from other blinded ones. They came into Being and Aliveness because the Ever-Creating-One Spoke and they were.

In one of the greatest acts of love and humility ever, The Ever Creating One, so that He might embrace and restore His children spoke Himself into the same form and body that the blinded ones inhabited. Some who looked saw. They saw more than the upright physique of another blinded one.  They saw that in and through this One the Ever Creating One was also the Ever-Expressing-One, expressing His Goodness, His Beauty, His Affection, His Power, and His deep deep Never ending, always giving Love, and they knew.  The blinded ones knew that this Love and Goodness had to have come from the One who started it all, and the  One from Whom all things had always originated.  They saw all that was True, overflowing with a molten, never-ending stream of love, and life-giving power.

(This is my take on John 1:1-14)


Bob Hemp