God leads us and direct our paths

Lead us on our path

God leads us and direct our paths.
God allows men to lead us and direct our paths...
But that was never His original intent…

Here's the thing... if we're not careful…
We will walk - our entire life - down somebody else's path.


Ben and Mary Andrews


The Paradox of "Self-Control"


"Self-Control" is a paradox...

Something known as
"Vicious Circularity" or "Dialetheism”...
a statements that can be both true and false simultaneously...

When we are in
(control of "self") that's when we are the most "out of Control"
yet when we allow God to be in control
His "Self-Control" becomes ours...
Then and only then does HIS Fruit in our life produce "Self-control".

Lord, today - I surrender my "control of self" to you
Let your will reign in me - so all the world sees is you...

I love you Lord...



Ben and Mary Andrews


Evil Is No Match For Good

Schoolyard Revenge1

Sometimes, we receive the opposite of what we expect, as our good deeds can encounter an evil response. Some of those we have served seem to have forgotten our faithfulness, and gratitude has faded from their memory. They forgot the fantastic fruit from our labors, and it has become all about what might inconvenience them. You were there for them at their point of need but now in your need, they reject your request. It seems like a cruel joke. How could they forget your loyalty and the investment of some of the best days of your life? Yet, this export of evil is just what you are experiencing. There is a relational trade imbalance, as you are the brunt of an evil inequity.

So what do you do when you are repaid evil for good? What is your response? Our flesh screams foul and our anger wants to attack. How could someone show their appreciation for our good will with apathy and disassociation? We want to instantly repay their ingratitude by inflicting some type of loss or pain. How you respond in this moment of deep disappointment will reveal your true character. Anyone can act like a Christian as long as everything is going his way. It is easy to be nice when everyone else is nice. However, when supposedly mature leaders let us down, and even respond to our requests with hostility, what we do next defines our true self. This is a test of our dependence on God.
When evil intent is injected into a relationship, we must resist firing back with equally evil actions.
We cannot lower ourselves to this kind of schoolyard revenge.

The question is not,
“What is the right thing for them to do?”
The question is, “What is the right thing for me to do?”

You can reverse the force of the verbal jabs by returning good for evil. When you choose not to fight false accusations by accosting your accusers, you repay good for evil. You trust the truth will come out at the right time, in the right way.
When you choose to forgive the malicious actions of insecure and mean men, you repay good for evil. When you pray for ungrateful souls to see God, you repay good for evil.

Above all else, anchor your hope for justice to be done in Almighty God. The Lord can take care of the business of dealing with evil people and their actions. Wait on the Lord to settle matters as He sees fit,
especially if you have the power to crush someone. Trust Christ to take them down in His timing. Your window of reprieve is their opportunity to repent, so be patient. You would want this same grace extended to you.

Schoolyard Revenge2

Evildoers may never change, but they might. It is a heart issue between them and God. In the meantime, when you encounter evil, repay it with good and then trust God. The goodness of God trumps evil, for evil is no match for good.

The Bible says, “If a man pays back evil for good, evil will never leave his house” (Proverbs 17:13). It’s a choice!

Jennifer Walsh Falcon2
Jennifer Walsh Falcon


Blanket of Love Ministry

Please Check out this awesome post from our sweet Friend Denise

We celebrated my birthday on September 3rd!  The biggest gift I got this year was LIFE!!!  What a blessing to see where I've come from being diagnosed with leukemia on February 12th!  It was the best birthday ever!!!  A whole new appreciation for sure!!!  In the past, I never thought about "what if I got cancer" ... when you are healthy and you rarely go to the doctor, it's just not something you think about!  I am extra thankful and feel so blessed to be where I am today!!!  My sister reminded me the other day that my treatment was supposed to end around October!  I was back home finished with treatment on June 30th... that is a HUGE miracle!!!

I am thrilled to share that the new "Blanket of Love" site is up and running!  Thank you to my dear friends Ben & Mary Andrews for all their help!  Ben set up the site and did an awesome job!  Here is the link to the site:  
http://www.blanketoflove.net/index.html   It is a tax deductible gift.  I even have some churches donating... my goal is to expand this to other hospitals, so many people can be blessed!  There is a contact area that you can email me if you have any questions.

I was at the clinic today and I told the doctor that people have started contributing and the blankets will be coming soon!  The  doctor had a big smile on his face.  I have to say in the beginning, the doctor didn't realize how special the blankets were.  I heard the doctor wanted me to ask my friends if they would donate to a leukemia fund for the hospital and I said absolutely not!  I said until you are a patient in a bed, you don't know what it's like and those blankets bring so much warmth and comfort to someone!  Since all this time has passed and the patients and the nurses have talked about them so much, he now sees the importance of them and he really appreciates them!  So, that's really cool!  A nurse told me yesterday, the patients that come back for treatment, bring their blanket with them... that's awesome!

There is also a facebook page for the "Blanket of Love" ... here's the link: 

It would be great if you can join... our goal is to share with others outside of our circle so they can be a part of this ministry.  Every little bit helps ... $5 or $10 can make a difference and it all helps buy blankets!  

I received a great report today at the clinic ... my numbers looked good and I don't have to go twice a month now!  They also cut my steroids down to 10 mg a day!  Wahoo!  I hope to be done with them completely by early October... I can't wait!

Psalm 18:30 ~ As for God, his way is perfect: The LORD's word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him.

Jesus Calling ~ Wait with me for a while.  I have much to tell you.  You are walking along the path I have chosen for you.  It is both a privileged and a perilous way: experiencing My glorious Presence and heralding that reality to others.  Sometimes you feel presumptuous to be carrying out such an assignment.

Thank you for walking this journey with us!  I appreciate your prayers more than you know!  There are so many people I know with cancer and I pray for complete healing all the time.  Several of them are facing death and I am praying extra hard for a miracle!!!  

Much Love ~


Denise Pic_1


Five Wagons of Revival…


Robin McMillan: "I Saw Five Wagons of Revival"

When I face certain kinds of spiritual attacks, I have learned to go on the offensive. I lay in bed early one morning prior to speaking in a conference, feeling oppressed and tired even after a good night's sleep. I knew I needed to move in faith, so I began to declare aloud parts of Psalm 91 (paraphrased):
"He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty, whose power no evil foe can withstand! I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge, He is my fortress, my God, on Him will I lean and rely, and in Him will I confidently trust! Surely then He shall deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. He shall cover me with His feathers, and under His wings I shall take refuge; His truth shall be my shield and buckler."
The power of the Word of God is released when believed and spoken! As I proclaimed these vital verses, the dunamis [power] of God began strengthening my soul. So, I did it again with renewed strength and more conviction:
"He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty, whose power no evil foe can withstand! I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge, He is my fortress, my God, on Him will I lean and rely, and in Him will I confidently trust! Surely then He shall deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. He shall cover me with His feathers, and under His wings I shall take refuge; His truth shall be my shield and buckler."
Suddenly, I saw in the top of my hotel room a type of open spiritual passageway. I knew instinctively that I could leap into it and be carried into the realm of the heavens. So I did. At lightening speed I zoomed through the atmospheric realm of the prince of the power of the air. I heard demonic voices saying, "Hey, you can't come through here!" I laughed, knowing their attempts to stop me were in vain. I was going, and that was that!
I landed in the heavens in a shadow-like place under a huge dark wing at least 12 feet tall. Tennis ball-size and larger precious stones beyond description exuded from the enormous wing. Gold and silver particles and other precious metals were coming out of the wing. I had never seen anything like it before. I was confused. At first I didn't understand why the place was so dark. I thought angel's wings would be white, but then I realized something.
Had I not just boldly proclaimed that I would dwell in the secret place of the Most High and abide under the shadow of the Almighty? Had I not declared that He would deliver me from the snare of the fowler, you know, the bird catcher? That's quite a promise for a man named Robin! Had I not emphatically proclaimed, "He shall cover me with His feathers, and under His wings I shall take refuge"? I was not under a massive angel's wing but had found refuge under the very wing of the Great Eagle, the One of whom I had been proclaiming.
Five Supernatural Wagons and Their Meaning
In that place the Lord authorized me to bring back and release five wagons of divine substance. The first one was a wagon called "Deliverance from Deserved Consequences." The second wagon was called "Deliverance from Criticism and the Critical Spirit." The third wagon was called "Hope." The fourth wagon was called "Provision." The fifth wagon was called "New Vision for the United States."
One characteristic of this kind of spiritual encounter is that you instinctively know things. I knew I would find the significance and understanding of the wagons in the story of the amazing restoration of Joseph to his father Jacob and his brothers, recorded in Genesis 45. A significant part of the restoration occurred because of wagons Joseph sent to his father to prove he was alive.
And [Joseph] sent to his father these things: ten donkeys loaded with the good things of Egypt, and ten female donkeys loaded with grain, bread, and food for his father and for the journey. Genesis 45:23
Then they went up out of Egypt, and came to the land of Canaan to Jacob their father. And they told him, saying, "Joseph is still alive, and he is governor over all the land of Egypt." And Jacob's heart stood still, because he did not believe them.
But when they told him all the words which Joseph had said to them, and when he saw the [wagons] which Joseph had sent to carry him, the spirit of Jacob their father revived. Genesis 45:25-27, emphasis mine
Joseph's words and Joseph's wagons had this effect on his father: "The spirit of Jacob their father revived." That is the first time the word "revive" is used in the Bible. In the context of this encounter it speaks volumes. These five wagons, when activated, have the potential to release revival and restoration. Joseph is the clearest type of the Lord Jesus in the whole Old Testament. Some students of the Scripture had found over 80 similarities between the two. For instance, the disciples thought Jesus was dead, but He was alive and Lord of All. For 22 years Joseph's family thought he was dead. He was not only "not dead" but alive and lord of all Egypt.
Our hearts and this generation will revive when we see the amazing resources of Heaven that Christ Jesus has provided for the world as represented by these five wagons!
Wagon #1 – "Deliverance From Deserved Consequences"
The first wagon was called "Deliverance from Deserved Consequences." Jesus loves people so much that He wants to set them free from their bad choices and decisions. Perhaps you did the wrong thing, you made the wrong choice, yes, you sinned – but, Jesus wants to set you free from what you deserve and the consequences of your actions.
Wagon #2 - "Deliverance from Criticism and the Critical Spirit"
The second wagon was called "Deliverance from Criticism and the Critical Spirit."
Jesus can set wounded people free from the effects of people's criticisms to become who He says they are. That wagon is also intended to deliver us from being critical. Remember, Jesus also warned that we would be judged in direct proportion to our condemnation of others.
Wagon #3 – "Provision"
The third wagon was called "Provision." God has provided for the needs and desires of His people. It's all in Heaven. In Matthew 6:10, Jesus taught us to pray, "Your Kingdom come...on earth as it is in Heaven." That means that what happens in Heaven should happen on earth. There are no poor people in Heaven; no sick, nor depressed either! We can access all that Heaven contains.
Wagon #4 – "Hope"
The fourth was a wagon called "Hope." Hope is an indispensable commodity. It is the foundation for faith, for "faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" (Hebrews 11:1). The Apostle Paul said that hope anchors our soul. Hope secures our entire mental welfare and energizes our life of faith! Hopelessness is the fruit of believing lies. Jesus said we would know the truth and the truth would set us free. One who accurately knows Jesus and believes the truth is filled with a hope that cannot be extinguished!
Wagon #5 – "New Vision for the United States"
The fifth wagon is called "New Vision for the United States." In the story of Joseph, Pharaoh provided the very best place in all of Egypt for them, called Goshen, which means "drawing near." James 4:8 says, "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." If our nation will draw near to God, He will draw near to us and change our nation! I believe that is going to happen in the United States. We are on the verge of another Great Spiritual Awakening that shall once again reshape our nation.
Activating the Five Wagons
Why were these heavenly blessings in wagons? Wagons are pulled by something called "the tongue." You must properly use your tongue to access what's in them. The wagons I saw were huge, ancient, wooden ones with wheels having big wooden spokes. You could say they were "spoken" wheels. How we use our tongue and our spoken words are so important:
"Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit" (Proverbs 18:21),
"For with the heart man believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation" (Romans 10:10).
Each of us may access the contents of these heavenly wagons by believing in the existence of their substance and speaking their reality by an agreement of faith. Jesus has so much for us. The reviving of our nation is His intention. Lay hold of these five wagons and see what happens in your life. The time is now.
Robin McMillan
Senior Pastor, Queen City Church
Website: robinmcmillan.me
Robin McMillan is the Senior Pastor of Queen City Church in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina, planted on Father's Day of 2010. He previously served MorningStar Fellowship Church as director of the Fellowship of Ministries and Fellowship of Churches for three years, then as Senior Pastor of the Fort Mill, South Carolina, congregation for more than a decade.
He believes our nation is on the verge of the next great spiritual awakening. His passion is to awaken the Church to the power of the Spirit and enable Believers to discover how they can access the realm of the Heavens, enjoy the presence and power of God, and be empowered to live a supernatural life. Outpourings of the Holy Spirit, outbreaks of joy, and demonstrations of power and healing often accompany his ministry. Many are being impacted by Robin's unique preaching style and prophetic gifts. He is the author of Mystic MooseTales: Redefining Wildlife, a supernatural allegory written to inspire love for Jesus and the supernatural God of the Bible. He and his wife Donna have been married 35 years and have four children and four grandchildren.

Robin McMillan


3 Things to Hold on to in a World Falling Apart

On a Thursday night, the two of us wake and lie under the pelting of the roof with a thousand lashes of glass.
His fingers find mine.

I half smile in the dark. How he knows, how
the way to live through life’s lashing is to lash yourself to love, to God. The ice whips on at the windows.

The wind slaps. Trees creak loud.

As if you could freeze Spring over.







As if the fiery lake it self could just right freeze over, and what if that was a thing?

For hell to freeze over and evil to cease and the bombs and explosions and houses of horrors and the bluing everyday suffering that goes on down the street and across town and right now close, to just sheet over placid and still. Yeah, that. Please?

By Friday morning, nothing turns on.

Not the lights, the heat, the water. Just the crazy loud kids. You can see it from the kitchen, how the lines are downed and iced sheathed and the world’s turned off, gone stone deaf.

And that’s what you want, to turn off that blaring TV and those nattering talking heads, rip out the power lines to the news and the streams of headlines flashing callous, get numbed and shut down and eat another big square of chocolate with your fingers slid through someone’s, wait till Somebody stops the madness, stops the chaos, and just brings spring.

Cold, Mama… everything is ice cold out there Mama.

Ice swathes every blade of greening grass. The clothespins are entombed shut. Kids hold up tree buds mummified in glass. The world seems upended, disoriented, wrong.

Narnia, Mom! The land of the white witch, always winter, never spring…. Levi holds up a broken branch, and I shake my head, no. No.

The lane’s a sheen, answers so slippery.

When it’s hard to keep your footing is right when you have to keep your faith.










All of Friday and Saturday and Sunday, for over 60 hours, there’s no hydro.

Sunday morning, the farmers with no hydro, they drive in late like us, park in the country chapel’s gravel yard, and one by one, they fill the sanctuary, us, the women and the kids and
the men without power knowing where to come, knowing that when you don’t know, you still know where to come. When we were powerless…  

And I watch farmers’ hands, gnarled and work creased, how they raise them and fold them and slide them into pockets,
the powerless who can do the powering thing and  come.

Monday, a bomb goes off and then another one, and we stagger, life on this side of the race is hard right to the finish.

And Tuesday
there’s Gosnell and we’d rather turn away  and in bearing witness, we bear the weight of glory, of God who bears sins and rises, and redemption requires testimony.

Wednesday night a cloud lifts the sky over Texas and balls of fire fly and marriages wither and headlines scream and babies cry and prodigals run farther and who can even ask why?

Whole sheets of ice slide off the roof and everything’s falling and fallen, turned upside down, and in our falling, in all our falling —

there’s only one Tree reaching out of the sheer rock face going down.

You’ve got to reach for the only Hope.

In the midst of the pelting and the exploding and all this breaking, we grab hold of the One Tree, the Tree on which He hung, and we hold on to Him with all we have, those beams stretched wide open to catch us.

There’s nothing else to hold on to but God.

But who knew in the falling, when we thought we were reaching —  the limbs of that Tree, that love, were reaching for us.

In our falling — it’s the Tree that catches us.

It’s the Tree that’s holding you.
When you’re trying to just hold on, is when He’s really holding on to you.

God. has. it. 

He has you.

Instead of explaining our suffering, God shares it — because He knows mere answers are cold and His arms are warm.

The tips of the branches drip all across the fields.




And the woods weep.

And the cold and the bloodied and the messy are held.

The kids stand under reaching limbs, the weeping, their cheeks wet.

And through the washing tears of the world, we see and taste the tears of God.


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Forever Yours

Forever Yours
Love, love, love this song! –
My heart soars with
David as he sings this beautiful song... I added lyrics to the video and just upload this version...

Amazing album -
Thomas Miller is doing a (beyond extraordinary work) at Gateway and this worship team is not only extremely talented but their hearts are in love with our God & King, Jesus...

Amazing - Please check this out...
You will be blessed - Guarantied!

David Moore
(featured in Video)
David Eric Moore
David Eric Moore at Gateway Church (gatewaypeople.com).

I've got a River of Life

I’ve Got a River of Life
Jenn & Brian Johnson
I've Got a River
The first time I heard this song... I wept... So powerful... There have been many days now where I get to hear this song playing - all day long in the back of my mind... Great soundtrack for my day... Blessings

Grace is a Power

Grace is A Power
"Grace" It is more than something that is done for you... as in - something given and then (it's finished)... You know... like a “Paid in Full” stamp. It is all this, but so much more...

Grace is also like a giant wave that picks you up...
Like an electrical force that gives you strength...
Like a (never ending, always flowing huge river) that carries you...
All we need do – is jump in!

1 Cor. 15:10, Paul says, "I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I but the grace of God which was with me."

Grace is God's
(((energy))) in our lives to help us.

Another example is Romans 5:21, "As sin reigned in death,
grace also will reign through righteousness to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord." ((Grace)) is like the Ultimate King who exerts and wields his reign in the lives of Christians.
Warrior King
What keeps us in (((Freedom))) is this... Depending on His Grace - not just once... but every minute of every day... It's powerful!

Think of it like liquid dynamite - right there for us to drink of and swim in... WOW!

Thank you Lord that you didn't leave us here powerless - But You empower us - by the greatest force of the Universe - "Your Grace"!

So Lord, today... I dive in! - I let go of everything - that is me...
Trusting in you!
I want get washed away in "Your Grace"
Let it flow over me...
In Jesus name...

Pastor, Ben Andrews

Ben and Mary Andrews


By: Ben Andrews

Thought I would share this with you today... Part of my journal from this morning...
Blessings -

I see Jesus... sitting on a teeter-tooter in the middle of a small park – The park is between two buildings in a city – brick walls on either side – and both opposite ends lead out to the streets on either side... A few trees – but mostly little kid swings and slides - - that type of thing.

Ben! Jesus shouts out over the noise of the children ---

I run over...

“Have a seat” – Jesus says.

I set down where he points – and that’s on the other end of the teeter-totter...

Jesus pushes up with his legs and down I go... – When I reach the bottom – I push back up with my legs and Jesus goes back down- We do this for a little while – then Jesus stops... He steps off and so do I.

Once off – we walk together - over to a bench near the teeter-totter.

Ben? – Jesus says...

Yes Lord?

Just like this teeter-totter – we need to work together – Think of it this way- I’m in the spirit realm – on my side of the teeter-totter and you’re in the flesh realm on your side of the teeter-totter. – When I move I affect your movements – and when you move you affect my movements – If you obey and do my will – I can move in the spirit realm and move you – if you don’t move – you stay stuck at the bottom of the teeter-totter – but if you will move –and by move I mean – moving in my will for your life – then I can in turn make my move... This is a collaboration – a dance – a walk that we do together. If you keep doing things your way – it’s like keeping you legs curled up in a ball and I can’t make the next move... Do you see that?

Yes Lord – I see now... Never thought of it like that...

Ben, I’ve given you authority in the flesh realm – but for me to move in the spirit – you must do your part... I don’t mean do what you want to do and then I’ll hop on your bandwagon either. I mean when you obey the commands that I have already given you in my word and the words that I speak to you... then I can make my move. This is how the whole thing works – If I start moving without your cooperation and obedience then I’m breaking my laws – breaking my word – and I will not do that! So if you want to go further – you’ll have to move in sync with me...

OK Jesus – let's do this...

Jesus gets up and walks back to the teeter-totter – He gets on... I get on. - Up and down we go... He just laughs and laughs the most beautiful laugh.

Yes, Ben – like this... As you go though your day – just remember this picture and keep moving in step – in motion with me... Let’s do this...

OK Lord – I love you so much...

I love you too... Now let’s see how fast we can make this thing go... Jesus laughs and laughs – as he speeds up –

Keep up Ben! – Keep up!
Now I’m laughing too... Man I love this guy!

I love you too Ben! – Now keep up! He shouts... Keep up!....

Pastor, Ben Andrews

Ben and Mary Andrews

The Symptom

The Symptom2

Written by: Ben Andrews

When we look at sin... we see it as the problem. When Jesus looked at sin He saw it as the "symptom". Here's what I'm trying to say... Sinning is the result of something deeper. Sin is a result of a heart condition - not the other way around. The separation - the distinctive and individual identity - the "self" - the disconnect - the gulf between God and man - is the "SIN" problem... Yes the disconnect causes man to do wrong things - but it also causes man to do good things for the wrong reason. The opposite of evil is not "good" - the opposite of evil is "The Truth". Well at least that's what Jesus said...
Think about it... As the enemy... What if I could get you to think about sin more than re-connection with your creator? What if I could trick you into thinking that if you cleaned yourself up - did less wrong and more right? What if the plot against us is more diabolical than we could have ever imagined?  Jesus said: I came to bring you "life"... Not: I came to bring you a "life without sin". And not only did He come to bring us life but He came to give it to us more abundantly... Kind of sounds like "Life" is the point - doesn't it?  
So how do we get this life that He came to bring us?
Jesus said this next: I am the life. If you come by and through me (Jesus) I will move inside of you - and dwell there - actually live inside of us... Kind of sounds like we'd have life living in us doesn't it? His design - His original design was to have life living inside of us - everyday - every moment - all the time. He never expected us to live without it... We choose to live without life when we decided to separate - disconnect and distance ourselves from Him.  We then as the human race started eating from this tree call: "The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil" We intuitively knew we were deficit - incomplete - alone - separated from life... The only problem was we "thought" (there it is) we "thought" we could find aliveness by doing more good than evil. - This was our first attempt at symptom relief. We don't need symptom relief - we need --- and I almost hate to use this term because of how badly its been used - but what we need is "Spiritual Healing". We need to have (causal change) - we need to fix the link - the separation - disconnect problem... We'd be amazed at what symptoms will disappear when the disease is cured...
Ben and Mary Andrews

Wrapped In His Rainbow

Jesus Rainbow

Written by: Ben Andrews

I could have never written something like this one my own - or even imagined something so sweet – so beautiful. I know it was from the Lord - If you are hurting today - I know Jesus is saying this to you as well... Hope this blesses you --- I just wrote what He showed me - He is amazing, amazing, amazing...
I see Jesus... rapping a beautiful rainbow around Himself – He is rapping it around his waste – over one shoulder while the other end goes around his back and then lies on the ground at His feet. Somehow the rainbow still looks like a rainbow – see-through – ethereal – but it acts like a long scarf. What a strange thing to see...
Jesus what is this?
A rainbow Ben – Isn’t that what you see?
Yes, but why? – Why did you rap a rainbow around yourself?
Come here Ben --- Jesus tells me...
So - I walk over next to him...
Jesus places his hand on my shoulders – moves me to... right in front of him – He then reaches down and picks up the rainbow off of his chest – pulls it forward and wraps it around me. We are now both wrapped in the rainbow. – Jesus and me – with this rainbow around us. Jesus then grabs the end of the rainbow and with just the flick of his wrist – twirls the rainbow around us three more times. We are now wrapped together – tied together with and in this rainbow... I can feel the rainbow around us – but it doesn’t feel constraining. I move my hand... and it goes right through it...
Oh, you can go - you can leave - any time you want Ben - You are not tied here...
I don’t want to go Jesus! – I like it here!... What is that feeling I have? – It feels like love but more? – Something more is here – something I don’t understand?...
You are wrapped in my promise... I want you to see this visually today. – You in me and I in you - all wrapped in a promise... You can walk away – but know this... As long as you stay near me – you will feel my promise tangibly. The rainbow was my promise to Noah – but it wasn’t for him alone. It was for all who will put their trust and hope in me. – I will carry you away from disaster. I will cover you and protect you from the downpour – the deluge. I will keep those in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on me. I have wrapped you in my promise. I am hugging you all day long. – Know that I am near today. – Know that I am so near that I have wrapped you in my love and sealed it with a promise – the promise of my Holy Spirit – who will comfort and keep you wrapped in me and bathed in my love. I want you to see this all day long. I am making all things new! – When thoughts come that try to steal your peace – Remember... what I have shown you... You are wrapped in my peace - wrapped in my Love – wrapped in my promise! I will never leave you nor forsake you! I am with you always – and forever...
Ok Jesus ... WOW – You speak to the core of me. You know my heart. You know my pain – you know my weaknesses – and you comfort me... I love you Lord...
I love you too Ben – now stay close today - closer than ever before. Let my love – my peace, which I have promised you... comfort and renew you... Know that I love you! – Know that I have wrapped you in my promise...


Ben and Mary Andrews

Thoughts for this “New Year” 2012


Written by: Ben Andrews

I used to think... That I was supposed to model Jesus- I thought – All I have to do is study Jesus – and then be like him... After all that’s what being a Christian is – “Christ like” Right? Aren’t we to try and muster up a gigantic inner force to “Try to live like Him”? That sounds like just more of me though?

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard – something along these lines... “ Do right! - Do right! - Do right! Until the stars fall!” or you need to have more character! or “You’re just not saved if you...” fill in the blank_________But isn’t this just more willfulness? – Sure in the right direction – but still misguided...

The harder we try the worse we feel... when we fail!
Isn’t that how it goes- unless you
just stop trying all together... and that’s where this leads if we let it play all the way out – I know – I’ve been there!

WOW! What a trap from the enemy!
Get them on the gerbil wheel – wear them out – then they’ll get so discouraged that – I’ll have them eating right out of my hands... What a great plan...
Let me ask you the
now famous question: “So how’s that working for you?”

I don’t know about you – but as for me – IT’S NOT WORKING!

So why don’t we try something else?
How about if we listen to Jesus...
I mean listen to what he said in the Bible
and also take time and listen to what he’s saying to us right now?

Maintaining personal righteousness is not our job?
What? Blasphemy! I tell you – Blasphemy! – Stay with me...

“To love Him is to obey Him” – BUT... Out of what resources?
It must come from what fountain of inner Strength?
Of course... our choices matter – But didn’t Jesus warn: “Apart from Me you can do nothing?”
John 15:5

Here’s some good news... “You were never meant to mimic Christ.
We were not meant to live as he did. Isn’t this a huge relief!
We were NOT meant to imitate Jesus!

The life of Christ is in you...
Allowing His life to become your life- (so much so) that we don’t know where His life end and ours begins. That’s it!

This isn’t about
self transformation – It’s not about a better you!
It’s about His transformation
of us - from the inside out!
New DNA – The “Mystery” remember? – Christ in us and us in Christ!

We are supposed to tap into (His life) and then allow him to live through us.
John 15 “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.
NOTHING! - But we still try! WHY?
--- What a willful people we are!

We must die! – We must surrender! – We must unclench or fists - if we are to do this – If we are to allow Jesus to... live in and through us?

-So this year – Lets do it different...
-Lets think in a different way...
-Let do it His way – instead of our way...

How about we let His will be done in us – as it is in Heaven - and see how that works for us...

Maybe – Just maybe? At the end of the year – we can look back and say? –
Not that we did good... but ---
“Well-done Jesus – Well done!”

Jesus I surrender again – right now to you – I yield and ask you to live in and through me... Amen...

Ben and Mary Andrews

Don’t Sweat It, Rest!

Whole barley field
Written by: Mary Ann Manuling

Ruth 3:18 18Then she said, “Sit still, my daughter, until you know how the matter will turn out; for the man will not rest until he has concluded the matter this day.”

God does not want you to “sweat”. Sweat here does not refer to your body’s perspiration, but your self-reliance or self-effort. God does not want you to believe that if you don’t do anything, nothing will happen. That may be true for someone without God in his life, but it is not true for you because you have God. And when He is in the picture, the God-factor changes everything!

When you are resting in God, He works for you. In fact, when He works, you end up with more. He is the one who is giving to you. It is not about you trying to give to yourself.

This was what happened to Ruth in the Old Testament. After laboring in the barley fields from morning to evening, she was able to glean one ephah of barley (Ruth 2:17), which was equivalent to a 10-day supply of barley. Certainly, this amount was a blessing to her.

But when she rested at the feet of Boaz, her kinsman-redeemer, and did not labor, she received six ephahs of barley (Ruth 3:15), which was equivalent to a 60-day supply! When Ruth sought her own blessing, she obtained only one ephah. But when she sought the blesser, she received much more.

Ruth’s blessings did not stop there. While Ruth rested and sat still as her mother-in-law Naomi had instructed, Boaz, who was the owner of the barley field, went to work, initiating actions, executing them and speaking on Ruth’s behalf. Right through it all, Ruth sat still and rested. Eventually, Boaz, the barley man himself, married Ruth. (Ruth 4) That meant no more measured wealth of six ephahs, but the yield of the whole barley field in total!

Boaz is a picture of Jesus, our heavenly kinsman-redeemer. When we rest in the Lord, He will not rest. He will work on our behalf. What do we do then? We just trust in and enjoy His love for us.

Beloved, stop striving and be at rest. If salvation, the greatest work, comes to us by resting in Jesus’ finished work, how much more will all the other blessings?

Mary Ann Manuling
Mary Ann Manuling

A Willfulness


Written by: Ben Andrews

I have see a willfulness within a man to do that which is good to such a degree - that God Himself... better not get in his way!!! We need to be careful... Strengthening our willpower - building our character - to live right - is the exact opposite of what Jesus taught us.
In His example of how to live - Jesus said:
Not my will (power) but your will (Father) - For too long now we have been taught - Live right because it's the right thing to do - Do right! Do Right! Do RIGHT! When; what we really should be doing is... 'HIS WILL" - NOT "OUR WILL" (Power).
The results may look the same - but how we get there makes all the difference... Lord - again today - I die to self - I lay it all down - and surrender to Your "will" --- not my own... Amen...

Ben and Mary Andrews

The Eyes of Our Hearts


Written by: Bob Hamp

The gas cap sat on the top of the pump 35 miles behind us. It was a strange and very unusual oversight. But it had been a strange and unusual several days. We were on our way across country to bury someone we loved, someone who should not be gone at the time or in the way he had gone.
We were all quite overwhelmed and quite honestly we did not know how much we were in shock. You know, shock, the function of the body that shuts things down so that the systems of our body won’t be overwhelmed. When thoughts or information are the source of being overwhelmed it is the mind that goes into shock. The difficulty with this is that the mind is that part of us that “knows” stuff. So when our mind is shut down, we don’t always “know” it.
Until a telltale gas cap mysteriously is not where you have put it every time you filled up with gas for the last 35 years. Then you stop and realize. Your mind is not working the way it normally does. And why? Because of emotions. Because of a natural function of the mind and body in unnatural circumstances.
Think about this.
We have lived in unnatural circumstances since Genesis 3.
We were not made to be limited only to the function of our senses. “Natural” for the human race included eyes in our head and eyes in our hearts. We often hear that humans use ten percent (or some other shockingly low percentage) of our mental capacity. I am afraid that we hear this as the capacity to hold data, instead of the capacity to Think Differently. More than capacity to contain information, we should consider our capacity to see. We apply our thought processes based on what we see, we see based on how we look.
I am convinced that Jesus views the human race as blind. (See John 9:39-41). Not in some critical way of believing we are dumb or bad, but simply because He sees all that is, including seeing what we do not see. He kindly offers to help those who cannot see gain sight. Ironically He makes a concurrent offer to help those who can see become blind.
He is simply making an observation about our willingness to consider our limitations. We either know we are blind and ask that He make us see, or we believe we see, and therefore ask for nothing.
I am blind.
I have found in these days that I can become even more blind. Whether overcome by grief, and forgetting a gas cap, or simply having the eyes of my heart covered over by the sheer emotions of today. I can become more blind.
Like peering through a pinhole, or having mud on my windshield, I can still see, but oh, so little. And like the mind in shock, I don’t know how limited I am until my life sends me back a message.
If I have eyes in my heart, then the condition of my heart directly affects my ability to see. If I am angry I see others wrongly. If I am hurt, I see others through the pin-hole of my own pain. If my heart is shrinking, or weary, the eyes within are clouded and the world around me appears distorted.
The more we have a heart that bears the Divine Image, the more we will be able to see the things that we previously could not see. The more we allow the shortcomings of another to change us, the less we are like the Divine Image, and our sight is already impaired.
We buy corrective lenses for the eyes of our heads, but we often allow ongoing distortions to run rampant in the eyes of our hearts.
I know better today what the Bible means when it tells us “Guard your heart above all else….from it, flow all the issues of your life…”
I am quite blind, how about you?


Bob Hemp


Good Grief


Written by: Bob Hamp

“I can fix this….” My mind insisted one more time. And when I say insisted, I mean high volume, high intensity. You see, I have fixed things my whole life. And I am pretty good at it.

For two days my mind had been scanning facts, and data, and perspectives, and possibilities (I think the Bible calls this “Speculations).
“If I could just find the key…”
“If I could just get others to see what I see…”
“There is another piece of information, if I could just find it…”

The problem was that my mind seemed to be taking on a life of it’s own. Moving faster, and with greater intensity. Not only would it not be still, it was speeding up. I had been up at night and was beginning to have difficulty staying focused. This was “Thinking Differently” in a way that I wanted to stop. But it seemed that I could not.

I called a friend and trusted counselor, and described what was going on. She asked a simple question.

“Bob, what is your mind, and all those racing thoughts distracting you from? If it is racing, what is it racing away from?”.

My mind got still for a moment, and the answer came. One word. One terrible, frustrating word.



Before I say that we do not do well with grief, let me first say that I do not do well with grief. Did I mention that I fix things? As a counselor, I was always a strategist, a chess player. Let’ set a plan in motion, and get this problem resolved. Until the issue was grief. Grief is not a broken thing to be fixed, nor is it a lie to be corrected. It is not a problem to be resolved. Grief is a reality to embrace, and a valley to traverse. It is a persistent reality in a world where we choose to love, and choose not to hold back our hearts.

We often grieve in proportion to the degree to which we attach. Grieving is about loss. And to not grieve, we must reduce the way that we attribute value.

Jesus was a man familiar with sorrow and acquainted with grief. So what did He do with it? Jesus wept. The pain of loss, and the value Jesus attributed to His friend moved His soul. He did not rationalize, He did not run into a firestorm of cognitive security. He wept. He felt. He did not recite Bible verses about comfort, or make trite statements about eventual outcomes. He wept.

My racing mind would not obey my racing mind, because it was serving a different master. It had been serving a heart that did not want to grieve.

If I were not careful, I could completely abandon my heart, for the safety and refuge of my own ability to figure out and resolve problems. I was well down this path when I called my friend.

My thoughts had become a convenient, though no longer easy, way to escape grief.

So I got out a journal, and I began to write about losses. I was less than a paragraph in when my heart connected. If Jesus wept, so could I. And weep I did.

Loss is a normal part of life, and the only way to not lose is to never have. Grief is the normal way that God allows us to purge the pain of loss, and keep a healthy balance in our souls. Jesus is not afraid to be with you in grief, in fact He is familiar with it.

I am now sure that He is much more at home in grief, than He is in the teeth-gritting smile that says, “I am fine” when in reality the soul is aching.

I am learning to make a home for Jesus in a new way. Grief is good.


Bob Hemp


True "Christianity"


Written by: Ben Andrews

True "Christianity" is not like any other religion on the earth. In fact it really isn't a religion. Religion by definition: a set of beliefs, rules, guidelines - involving devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. Let me tell you... Allot, if not most Christians see it this way - but Jesus didn't teach this... What he taught was more than a way of living "right" and doing the "right" things - He taught a different way of seeing. Most Christians are living for (“some day” in the future) - If I do enough good - or don't so too much bad - then Jesus will be pleased with me.
What Jesus was trying to get us to understand was that we are NOT seeing... He didn't come to get us to see more correctly - He came to give us SIGHT! He said that we are blind! He said you can’t see! He wants us to see His kingdom - NOW! Not later!
Religion says "Do BETTER!" Jesus said, "I am the light - and if you will step into the light... you’ll be able to see!"

See What? See into the kingdom realm - See what the world cannot see... Sure... the world can see right and wrong – but what has that done for them?

So what was He talking about? He was talking about a way of seeing life - that cannot be seen without faith – Cannot be seen without Jesus – Cannot be seen without and through "The Way" of which He said He was "The Way".
He said – your eyes have been blinded.
So why do we get so stuck on doing more good and less evil? - Because that is all that dead things can see... We are dead men walking. But you say – Hey I’m not dead – I’m a Christian!” You may be a Christian alright, but your flesh isn’t dead! Until our flesh dies your spirit man will be taking a back seat. Becoming Christian – asking Jesus into your heart is just the beginning - a key - that opens the door - but you must step through.
Jesus came to bring us life... To the degree that we die to self - it is to that same degree that we step into the new life that Jesus came to give us. This isn’t about emptying ourselves out – tapping into the “Void”. This is about tapping into and connecting to life!
He wants us to tap back into His life that flows from the very throne of God! - But until we stop trying to be a better dead person - stop trying to do less wrong and do more right we are still feeding the flesh. We are no different than the unsaved! – What a trick from the enemy... WOW! We still don’t get it!

In order to truly live... Jesus said we must surrender and totally die to this thing called self or the flesh!
Promotion of more "will power" is just - a more "powerful self"!

We will never come to live "fully" in the “New Life” that Jesus offers until we get out of the way!
Religion is a set of rules and guidelines.
Christianity is Jesus – Living (IN US! and (Through US!) as we get out of the way...

Lord, Today - give us eyes to see... Let your love - your life - begin to flow in and through us - so the world will see that this is you and not us doing this... I surrender and yield again today - to you Jesus... Amen...

Ben and Mary Andrews

Knowing Jesus...


Written by: Ben Andrews

Knowing Jesus
- is key to understanding the Bible... "What? I thought the Bible was key to understanding Jesus?" Well... it works both ways - I can read a love letter from someone and know that they love me - but until I know that person - the love letter isn't alive...

I will be straight up with you today - If you don't have a personal intimate relationship with Jesus - You're wasting your time.
SORRY but you are...

Get real still! Quiet yourself down... and listen - He's talking, but the noise in your head has crowded Him out. Unless you let Him speak to you – how in the world will you ever know He’s Alive?

Lord... today – speak so loud to me and to your beloved – that we can’t mistake your voice for that of another... Amen!

Ben and Mary Andrews

Are you “BROKEN”? Good. Now you got something God can work with.


Written by: Julia Shalom Jordan

“The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and a contrite heart, O God thou wilt not despise.” Ps. 51:17

Have you ever seen a “broken man?”  A man that is so destroyed, he no longer postures himself to disguise it?  This person has come to terms with his fragility and there is no more hiding.  This hopeless, feeble, searching and dependent state would cause most people to inwardly cringe at the thought. Every human being has their “breaking point”; a place where once he is taken there, he no longer is the same person again.  
Many people live their lives in fear of this
“breaking point”.  Thousands succumb to a tedious life of mediocrity stuffing their mouths or emptying their wallets to numb the desire for more; because they fear the risk of where it might take them, or what it would make them.  Some loose themselves in reckless abandon to do “it all” before life consumes them or their window of opportunity. But, in God’s eyes, a man who has risked it all to no avail, and has come to the end of himself is actually in the best position. He is in the position to receive grace.

When a person is completely broken, he can now accept his personal fragility and come to the humble beginning place where
God can rebuild him. 

God created man in His image and even with our human shortcomings, man is a masterpiece.  The gift of self-will has caused many to rebel with a spirit of pride. The nature of pride repels the hand of help from anyone–even God.  This is the quickest way to move
out from under the protection of the Almighty One.  Being broken is not bad; it is actually just the beginning.  The more broken you have become; the better God’s restoration power can be seen through you.  And when God is finished with the masterpiece of your life, it may not be what you expect, but it will definitely be better than anything you could have made of it.

“Dear Heavenly Father,
I am broken.  I am not going to lie or hide anymore for you see me as I am. When the doors are closed and the windows drawn, you know what a mess I truly am. I am so thankful to read that this is a gift to you.  In Psalms 51:17 it says that you do not despise me.  Oh, Lord.  I despise myself!  Lord, help me.  I am desperate for a change and desperate for a real life.  I would have thought that by this age, I would have gotten further.  But, Lord, I am here now, and I am asking for you to hold me in your bosom.  This is exactly where I need to be—and I cannot believe this is what I have been running from all along!  Thank you for your mercy.  I accept the love you are giving to me now.  Heal me so that someday soon, I will be able to show others just how good you really are.  In Jesus’ precious name, Amen...”


Julia Shalom Jordan